Quay Legal


Pay as you go

Normally we base our charges on the number of hours we spend working on your behalf. A typical hourly rate is £195 plus VAT. We will provide you with an estimate of the total cost of your case. We can break this down and give you an estimate for the costs of each stage.

When we reach the agreed cost limit we will send you a detailed bill. If necessary, we will ask for additional funds before taking any further action.

Contingency fees

In cases where there is a money claim, it may be possible to enter into a Contingency Fee Arrangement with us. This means that we undertake to represent you on a "no win - no fee" basis.

We assess whether or not take on cases on a Conditional Fee Arrangement on a case by case basis. There can be a number of options including "no win - low fee" and payment of disbursements only.

Deferred Funding

In cases where cash will be realised when the case ends, we may agree to defer our costs until the end of the case.

Other ways to fund your case

It is worth checking with your broker or your general business, household and motor insurance policies and professional memberships to see if they include cover for legal expenses. We suggest that you check your insurance policies before your first meeting with us. In many cases we are able to act under the terms of a legal expenses insurance policy at no cost to you.

If you are a member of a professional body or Trade Union you may be entitled to free representation. Free advice can also be sought from the CABx, law centres, ACAS and other organisations.