Quay Legal

Client Reviews

HR Manager (August 2010)

Part time workers rights and sex discrimination

"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. For your professionalism, support, efficiency, empathy and patience! If I get the chance to recommend your services, whether professionally or personally, I would not hesitate in doing so. I will also ask [my husband] whether he is able to get some good feedback to his business contact who put us in touch with your good selves in the first place."

Manager Financial Services (May 2010)

Disability/Unfair Dismissal

"Thank you for your excellent advice and support. It made all the difference. What could have been a very difficult experience for me became straight forward and informed. Thank you. I will be highly recommending you."

Bursar (2009)

Constructive dismissal and breach of contract

"May I take this opportunity to recommend David Thomas to any Bursar who may be in search of sound personal advice, much as I did recently? You will know how isolated one quickly becomes in such circumstances and just how important it is to establish a meaningful (and not too expensive) relationship with one's legal advisor. David is an extremely experienced employment law specialist. He was considerate and generous with his time from the outset, and he was instantly abreast of the issues, including the sensitivities associated with the relationship between Bursar, Head and Governors. I spoke to several solicitors before asking David to support me and he was the only one to inspire confidence.

His advice was well thought out, persuasive, and very sound. The eventual settlement was thanks to his experience of such matters.

If any Bursar should seek your advice on where to go for legal guidance then I heartily recommend David Thomas as a place to start."

Media Company (2009)

Defending unfair dismissal claim

"I think that I also speak for the other directors when I say that we were very pleased with the outcome of the employment tribunal claim and that if we, or if any of our contacts, require employment law advice, then we would not hesitate to recommend you."